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Get started by uploading a picture/scan of your original diploma and transcripts or email them here and we’ll review them
immediately for you. We can also provide certified translations overnight for any non-English documents if needed.

Our Services has standard Next Business Day service, coupled with the lowest prices:

General Evaluations from $49

General evaluations are most often used to prove high school diploma (GED) equivalency for high school graduates entering trade/vocational colleges, or for work purposes to validate the attainment of a particular level of education, as well as for other purposes such as military enlistment. This evaluation will identify and describe the relevant certificate, diploma or degree earned, the granting institution and educational system within the country attended, the admission requirements, program type and date of graduation, and certification of the equivalent U.S. (or Canadian) certificate, diploma or degree.

Standard Course by Course Evaluations from $99

Course by Course evaluations are recommended for continuing education or work purposes.

Your Course by Course evaluation will incorporate all elements of the General evaluation, as well as: the full transcript of equivalent subjects studied, individual grade conversion into U.S. (or Canadian) grading system, and calculation of both the Grade Point Average (GPA) and credits earned.

Course by Course Evaluations for Immigration (from $199

Course by Course evaluations for Immigration are designed to meet the strict requirements of USCIS and are strongly recommended for all visa application purposes.

Your Course by Course Evaluation for Immigration incorporates all elements of the Standard Course by Course evaluation, and also includes an approximately one page educational conclusion narrative, as required by USCIS.

Rush Options

General evaluation rush options (via email within 2-6 hours) +$65

Course by Course evaluation rush options (via email within 2-6 hours) +$110

Rush mailing options - 2 Day Express (US only) $25; Fedex Overnight (US) $60 or (Canada) $85; Fedex international $110 (all countries).

Certified Translations ($24.99/page)

We can translate your documents from any language into English for the low price of $24.99 per page (up to 250 words per page) – usually overnight. As American Translator Association members, our certified translations accurately identify degrees, diplomas and certificates. Mailing of your certified translation is free with your evaluation order.

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